Hauge&Hartvig, alias the gastronomist and brewmaster


Are you planning a corporate retreat? Invite you and your team to cook with us either in our kitchen at Endrupgaard in Fredensborg or possibly in your own place. We match beer and food, work the pots and pans together, forget the job and the desk for a few hours while we compose dishes where beer is used as an ingredient. We enjoy the food together the danish cosy way while we taste the different beers included in the food.





Perhaps you have sold more than expected in the last quarter? Achieved a success to be celebrated. Or an anniversary approaching?

Maybe you simply need to experience new things together? Need to strengthen internal cooperation, get out of your rut. Provoking and titillate the senses, see colleagues in a new set-up where they can no longer hide behind the numbers and the computer, but instead struggling with cooking and laugh over beer.

Maybe you need to get closer to the customers? Learn to know them better, without goods and services between you.

The brewmaster Annemarie tells about the different malt types, hups, and you will find that beer is an obvious ingredient in food and that the golden bubbles fits superbly with sweet and savory. And above all that cooking with beer under expert guidance from Peter Hauge Johansen is a great team builder, where everyone can participate. Where you discover new aspects of your colleagues, and how the introverted "office potato" suddenly unfolds like a fun and extremely good cook.

The gastronomic universe is open to all. It is demanding and atmospheric at the same time. Anyone can join, no one is left out, and it's fun. Always fun. Even the most kitsch kitchen novice discovers new sides of themselves.

The different courses are presented and eaten as a deserved climax during the evening. The event takes place at Endrupgaard in Fredensborg by "Esrum lake" or - if you wish and have the facilities for it - we can make the event at your company or elswhere in town.

The menu will be revealed on the day, but there are likely a multitude of dishes with seasonal and organic ingredients and lots of wonderful beers.






Birthdays, Bachelor parties, Dinners .....

Don't you have the time, energy or ideas to make your own events, then call us. We go throught the possibilities with you and find out what you need. Customize the event in close cooperation with you, so that experience fits exactly to you and your guests.

We also arrange bachelor parties. Whether at home or with us. Provides all the practical, also contests and fun activities, all of which means that you can enjoy the day and spend your energy on the future bride or groom. And we will, of course, clean up and leave everything in the finest order.


”Meet The Danes” - Events

Finally, we arrange private cooking dinners where you meet Danish people in a warm and cozy setting and gets an insight to the Danish culture. We devide you into teams and cooks Danish recipes with beer and talk about Danish culture, "Danish hygge", learn about the danish welfare model, normal Danish lifestyle and perhaps an explanation of why we might be "the happiest people in the world"The dinner is made on seasonal organic ingredients and local beer.

Are you looking for a different and fantastic retreat, then contact us:

Peter Hauge Johansen
+45 22 67 45 50


Annemarie Hartvig Jensen
+45 41 40 72 42


Choose between more locations

The brewmasters villa in Frederiksberg

The brew Master's own Frederiksberg Villa on Kongens Tværvej 2, in a nice quiet neighborhood offers homey comfort and presence.

The residence offers large open kitchen where food is prepared and in the adjoining dining room and the livingroom there is ample opportunity to enjoy themselves and have a great experience this.

Quantity: 6 - about 20 participants

Rental price: The rental price is included in the registration price

Endrupgaard by lake Esrum

On Endrup Byvej 14B in Fredensborg, overlooking Lake Esrum, lies this stunning manor house, where the former stable is a great location, with the possibility of using the large outdoor areas.

The party room with its 100 m² is very suitable for larger groups, and the associated open kitchen and pantry in 28 m² makes the location very useful.

The room is newly renovated and has a large lovely open fireplace which gives nice atmosphere to the room.

Number: 20 - 70 participants

Rental price: The rental price is included in the registration price

Read more: www.endrupgaard.dk

Choose between these events


All teams manufactures their special starters, main courses and desserts.
The first course is specifically designed to fit a special beer, which is served with the starters.
The main course and dessert made wih beer used as an ingredient and also served with the dishes .
During dinner each team presents their dish.

"Christmas Beer & Food"

Host a different Christmas party that everyone will love. You have to create your own Christmas dinner with starters, main course and dessert and lots of great Christmas beer.

The starter is suitable for a special Christmas beer, and the main course and dessert is including Christmas beer as an ingredient and the Christmas beer is served, of course, to all couses during the dinner.

During the dinner each team will presents their disc and the brewmaster presents the different Christmas beers.

"Cooking Competition"

Each team prepares the same starter, main course and dessert.
During dinner each team presents its dishes assessed by the host and hostess with a score, based on some given criteria as appearance : Presentation , originality and taste.
The first course is specially designed to suit a particular beer served with this dish. The main course and dessert is made ith beer used as an ingredient and the beer is also served with the dishes during the dinner.
Tonight's winning team will be rewarded with a deserved prize.

Example of an event:

5:00 pm Welcome and recipes, dividing into groups each of which establish a game plan for their dishes - Welcome drink + snacks

6.30 pm: Serving appetizers

8:00 pm Serving of main dishes

8:45 pm Activity - surprise

9:30 pm serving desserts

You can decide when the event should start. This is just a proposal on how it could look. In addition, we can put together exactly the type of arrangement that fits Your desire.

Price per participant in DKK. 895, -
+ 25% VAT (minimum 9 pers.)

The price covers the following:
Welcome drink + snacks

Apron rent
Recipe collection
Beer during cooking and for dinner
Delicious raw and organic ingrediens
Helpful and instructive hosts
Prize for the winning team of the "Activity"

Pictures from previous events

This is what our previous attendants said:

Mette Højberg - Nordic Council of Ministers - Department Co-ordinator/Communication

"Thank you so much. It was a super day / evening . There has been a lot of talk about it today. A lot of us think it's the best retreat we have had. And that's thanks to you, thank you for that experience."

Dec. 15th. 2015 / 25 pers. / 12 dishes / 7 hours

Nanna Harbo - Carlsberg Breweries A/S - Liquid Innovation Manager

"We had a wonderful evening with our entire department , and saw each other in other roles than at work . We will definitely recommend the event to others."
Mar. 14th 2015 / 12 pers. / 9 dishes / 8 hours

Who are we ?

Peter Hauge Johansen

In my younger days I worked at the Admiral Hotel as "bell-boy" and concierge. My Service gene is very high and nothing can almost be good enough.

After many years in the hotel industry, I was trained in a bank, but soon I went back to the hotel business and worked three years at Hellerup Park Hotel.

Then I took a hotel-management training, and worked as a cook, waiter and hotel manager. It was exciting, I loved it, it was here that I caught the interest of better cooking.

One of the many tasks in the kitchen was the making of the whole menu from "Babette's Feast", where I amoung a lot of preparing had to debone 70 quails. It taught me all about the bird anatomy and - most importantly -  my craving for good gastronomy.

After another trip away to the IT industry, I started a long career in the Bella Center, where I developed new congress', and was in charge of fairs and exhibitions.

Since 2009 I have run my own businesses and organized many events in various sizes.

In 2012 in collaboration with René Crone of Crone & Co., We were in charge of managing the "Danish EU presidency 2012", and in that context used my great experience running conferences, accommodating thousands of people on a large number of hotels, as well as arranging a myriad of meetings and dinners.

The event let me to the Royal Family, where I, together with HRH Princess Benedikte was involved in planning a large business delegation to Denmark in connection with the world's largest Horse Show in Aachen, Germany.

More and more in love with cooking and gastronomy I have the last year spent a lot of time in the kitchen. created exciting food from around the world, juggled with herbs and developed new, surprising recipes.

Especially dishes rooted in the "Nordic kitchen" has my biggest interest, and organic and local produce has crept more and more into cooking.

Pickling and grilling, baking bread and pastries, has also been a big part of daily life, and if I have to be honest, I dare say that friends and family, neighbors and co-workers, and more recently our customers appreciate very much my creations.

So if you have to summarize my professional life as a gastromist so far, it is: From bell-boy, bank and hotel manager become a full life with kitchen and teambuilding.

Getting people - all different sorts - to create a pig in honey or a Danish inspired cheese cake with licorice powder is simply inspiring and invigorating to me.

Annemarie Hartvig Jensen

Originally, I am a pharmacist, and for years I work as a chemist at Novo Nordisk developing drugs - and was happy. But then the beer came along. I got a taste for beer brewing, the ingrediens, the whole process.

When I was travelling, I always went into the local microbrewery, tasting the odd beer and sniffed the fermentation. And at home, we started to have fun home brewing.

So in 2011 I dropped all rational career planning and sent an application to the University of Copenhagen: as a brewmaster!

Like winning the Lotto, I got one of the few places on the brew master class, which brewers have built up together with the university. And from one day to another, I changed my female-dominated drug world for a totally male-dominated beer universe.

It was here I first realized that beer is a man thing. Or that beer making is largely perceived as a masculine job.

Are YOU a brewmaster? asked people with skepticism in their voice and looked in wonder at my 168 centimeters, my flowered skirt, my neat husband and our four children.
As if I had broken a taboo or exceeded a limit. For two years I alternated between university studies and internship at breweries.

I mashed, cooked and fermented. Juggled with malt and enzymes. Suddenly, I could live out my passion, and it was perfectly acceptable - and no longer geeky - when I talk about the difference between bitter hops and aroma hops.

In 2013 I finished as brewmaster, graduated in "beer science", and immediately I began to experiment with new types of beer, and turned our nice kitchen at home in Frederiksberg - between cinnamon buns baking,  dogs, and friends and children running in and out - now filled with bottles, fermented brews and bubbles.

Luckily, my husband is understanding. Mads is an engineer and the man who developed the world's only 100% combination grill, Jensen Grill. He is experimenting himself and does not lift an eyebrow, even if I put star anise in our home brew. Indeed, we cross-research and combines beer and grilling in a hundred ways. Some day it will be turned into a cookbook.

Recently, I completed a job as a brewmaster Carlsberg's innovation department, a dream position where all ideas, thoughts and experiments are allowed and where it is perfectly okay to show up at work with the recipe for licorise beer, honey-beer or chocolate pils.

So all in all my professional dream has worked out well, and at the moment i am developing my own beer brand and is the founder and owner of "Beer Club for Women".

Are you looking for a different and fantastic retreat, then contact us:

Peter Hauge Johansen

+45 22674550

Annemarie Hartvig Jensen

+45 41407242